How to Keep a Cat off a Window Sill (8 Tips)

How to Keep a Cat off a Window Sill

There’s no better place a cat would rather be than on the window sill. It gives them the perfect vantage point to bask in the sun and keep a close eye on their territory. However, you might not want your cat sitting on your window sill… but how do you keep them off?

Keeping your cat off the window sill completely is easier said than done, but I have developed a number of tips which we used in our home to solve the problem. We had to get a bit creative but the efforts to paid off. 

How to keep your cat off a window sill 

Have you encountered a cat that doesn’t enjoy chilling on the window sill? I guess not. Me neither. If you love taking the window seat anytime you’re on the bus, then you have a rough idea of why cats enjoy sitting by the window. Think about it.

Getting your cat off the window sill sounds like an impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be if you these sure tips:  

1. Train your cat

This tactic needs patience. But once your cat fully cooperates and forgets about holding a grudge, you’re good to go. 

There are two ways to do this.

Why do cats sit on window sills
You could try to train the cat not to sit on a window sill!

The first one involves tricking your cat into not sitting on the window sill. Here’s what I mean. Lure your cat towards the window sill using its favorite snack or food (this will act as bait). Place the snack on the sill and wait for your cat to get into action. 

Immediately it tries to jump to get the snack, issue the command “No, No off!” as you pick the snack and place it on the floor. It will follow your lead ﹘ eating the snack from the floor.

Repeat this for at least 10 minutes every day (don’t forget the verbal command). With time, your cat will understand that the window sill is a no-go zone.

The second method is like the first one, only that there are no food treats involved. 

What happens here is showing your cat some tough love. Use the “no-means-no!” approach. You’ll take advantage of your cat’s ability to remember the consequences of their action. 

Forget about placing yummy snacks on the window sill. Instead, have a spray water bottle on the sill. Keep a close eye on your cat. When you catch it jumping on the sill, spray some water on its paws. Water is harmless, so don’t fret. 

Make the verbal command while at it. If you do this regularly, your cat will know that the window sill is not the place to be. 

2. Put up window blinds

Window blinds will cover the window sill. Your cat will wonder what happened to its favorite spot.

It’s an easy way that works almost every time if you can’t keep your cat off the window sill. 

3. Make the window unreachable

This method works if your window is high.

If there’s any seat or table near this window, remove it. It’s likely that your cat steps on the chair or table to reach the tall window sill. 

Frustrate its efforts by getting rid of anything that makes it easy for the cat to reach the window sill.

4. Put up a window perch as an alternative

If you don’t want to take away your cat’s privilege of watching the view outside, consider setting up a cozy window perch next to the window sill, like this one on YouTube

Your cat will fall in love with how comfortable the perch is and kiss the window sill goodbye.

5. Create an irritating smell around the window sill area

If you know cats too well, you know they dislike strong smells. Use this to your advantage. 

Every morning before your cat makes itself comfortable on the window sill, spray a good amount of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar on that area. These two products emit an unpleasant scent that puts off cats. 

If your cat smells this each time it makes its way to the sill, it’s only a matter of time before it stops coming to that area. Remember to add water to the vinegar to prevent a choking smell around the room.  

Spreading coffee grounds on the window sill does wonders, too. Cats detest the smell of coffee.

6. Cover the window sill with double-sided tape

Your cat will hate the tape’s sticky feeling on its paws when it jumps on the window sill.

Let the tape stay there for a while. It will discourage the cat from climbing the window sill even when it desperately wants to.

7. Place small-sized potted plants(of herbs like mint) on the window sill

If you don’t mind having plants around your house, this is a great way to use up the space on your window sill. 

The plants will occupy the entire area, leaving no space for your cat. 

Even better, your cat will hate the herb scent, and it won’t want to be around that area.

8. Put up a rough carpet runner along the window sill

This method works because your cat will find the window sill quite uncomfortable.

Ensure the carpet fits well so that your window sill doesn’t get that untidy look.

Why do cats sit on window sills?

Cats love the window sill because they relax as they watch nature and daily activities going on outside. 

The sun rays hit just right on the window sill. If you’re keen to notice, cats rush to the window sill in the morning when the weather outside is beautiful. While there, a cat gets to sunbathe for as long as it likes. 

The window sill is the perfect spot for a cat to hunt down tiny prey like small birds and lizards. 

There’ll also sit by the window sill to pass time as they catch some fresh air. 

Now you know why cats have this crazy attachment to window sills. Every moment on the sill is pure bliss — especially if a cat is the indoors type.

But as a concerned owner, you may not like this habit. Why? 

You hate how your cat leaves fur all over your window sill. Or how worried you get thinking it might trip over and fall on the other side. 

Maybe it scratches your curtains when trying to jump on the sill. 

You hate how much dirt your cat brings to the window sill after it’s finished strolling outside. 

You prefer opening all your windows to let in the fresh air, but your cat’s habit is stopping you. Or for the simple reason that you just want your window sill left unoccupied. 

How risky is the window sill?

A cat has strong hunting instincts. As soon as it sees a bird flying nearby, it will try leaping out of the window to grab the bird. Sometimes, loud, unfamiliar noises can scare your cat, and it will opt to flee through the window, unaware of the height risks. 

Or still, your cat might lose its balance while sleeping and fall off the window. If your window is slightly open, there’s a possibility of your cat getting stuck on the window gap when trying to jump outside. 

So clearly, a lot can go wrong when your cat is always on the window sill. When any of these happen, your cat can sustain terrible injuries.   

How do you cat-proof your window?

You can:

  • Put up window blinds
  • Place a rough carpet runner on the window sill
  • Fix a window mesh
  • Have potted plants occupy the space on your window sill
  • Pour a strong-smelling substance like lemon juice or coffee around the window area 

Why do cats sit on window sills?

They love watching nature and observing activities going on outside. The window sill is also the perfect place for them to sunbathe and catch their favorite prey… 


Other than finding alternatives for your cat, you might need to make some changes to make the window sill inaccessible. With a little patience you can stop your cat sitting on the window sill just like we did.

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