Can An Eagle Pick Up a Goat & Carry It Away?

Can An Eagle Pick Up a Goat

I’ve seen some amazing wildlife films recently, but none have answered a burning question for me yet. I wanted to know whether it was possible for eagles to lift up and carry goats. If you were wondering the same, here’s what I found the experts saying.

Can an eagle pick up a goat? Since eagles can only carry half of their body weight, they won’t be able to pick up a goat. Adult goats are safe from being picked away by nearby eagles.

It’s also worth considering that eagles do not typically bother with animals they can’t easily carry away. Although not likely, an eagle can choose to attack an animal even knowing they cannot carry it away.

So, when it comes to eagles picking up mountain goats and similar sized animals, it’s very unlikely. But there is a little more to it…

Can eagles hunt mountain goats? 

However, just because an eagle can’t fly away carrying a goat doesn’t mean they won’t attack or hunt a mountain goat. Eagles will attack larger animals, aiming to sever arteries resulting in the animal they’re after to bleed out. 

Once the animal has bled out, the Eagle will dine right there. All because an eagle can’t carry goats or larger animals doesn’t mean they won’t feast on them.

can eagles pick up goats
There’s no way an eagle could pick up a goat of this size.

Typically, though, eagles will not attack a large animal for food unless they cannot seek food elsewhere and feel it is the last resort for survival. 

An eagle is a large bird from the Accipitridae family. Most of the 60 species of eagles are from Eurasia and Africa. Outside of this area, only fourteen out of the 60 species of an eagle are around.

2 species in North America, nine species in Central and South America, and 3 in Australia. These 60 species are in four groups.

There are 4 eagle groups

Eagle species are divided into four groups: Fish Eagles, Booted Eagles, Snake Eagles, and Harpy Eagles. 

1. Fish Eagles

Fish Eagles consume fish primarily for their diet. Regardless of whether the fish is fresh or decaying, Fish Eagles will feed on all kinds of fish.

2. Booted Eagles

Booted Eagles or “true eagles” have feathered lower legs. The booted group is home to the Bald Eagle that most people are familiar with. 

3. Snake Eagles

Snake or serpent eagles are eagles have a preference for hunting snakes.

4. Harpy Eagles

Harpy Eagles or “giant forest eagles” are large eagles that reside in tropical forests. 

Handy Hint: I’ve also recently looked into the idea that a mountain lion might hunt, kill, and eat eagles.

How much weight can an eagle carry?

The age of the Eagle and the wind are the two factors that determine what an Eagle can carry

The Eagle’s age is a factor because the older the Eagle, the heavier and sizeable it will be, giving it more strength than a younger Eagle. Older, mature eagles usually have a wider wingspan and more muscular body, allowing them to carry more weight. 

Wind also plays a factor in what an Eagle can carry because if there is a mighty wind, it aids the Eagle in flying with more weight. Since Eagles usually fly with the wind current. Yet, the Eagle has no extra help when the wind is still, making it difficult to carry anything heavy.

How much weight can an Eagle carry while flying?

An Eagle can carry half of its body weight, allowing them to pick up between 5-6 pounds in its talons without the aid of the wind. With strong winds, they can carry up to 10-12 pounds. They are intelligent birds and can gauge whether something will be too heavy just by looking at it. 

Fish eagles gather most of their food from water sources. Suppose you see an Eagle struggling to carry its food out of the water. 

In that case, it is most likely not because the fish was more significant than it appeared from the sky, and instead of the Eagle giving up and waiting for a different fish, they end up waterlogged, having to swim their food back to shore. 

Sometimes while traveling back to shore, they lose their dinner along the way. 

How much does a goat weigh?

Most adult female goats weigh between 120-170 pounds, while most aged male goats weigh between 150-200 pounds. Some adult goats raised for their meat can exceed 280 pounds. 

No matter the goat’s age or size, they are well over the maximum average of 12 pounds that an Eagle can carry.

Can an Eagle pick up a goat?

No, an Eagle cannot pick up a goat. Goats exceed the weight limit an Eagle can pick up, even on a high wind day. However, just because they can’t pick up goats does not mean they won’t attack them if they are desperate for a food source. 

Did You Know? The domestic goat is a species of goat-antelope. There are over 300 distinct breeds of goats, and goats are one of the oldest domesticated animals.

You may be questioning why some farmers have goats on their farms, what a goat’s purpose is, and why a person may be trying to ensure the goat will not be carried away by Eagles. 

Aside from being a pet, goats are raised for their milk and meat. The milk then becomes goat cheese. Other farmers train goats to work by pulling wheelbarrows, and others utilize the goat’s wool for fabric and waste for fertilizer. 

do bald eagles attack goats
Bald eagles are apex predators, but attacking goats isn’t really high on their agenda (

What’s the heaviest weight an Eagle Can Carry?

In North America, a Bald Eagle or Eagle of the booted group can carry up to 7 or 8 pounds if conditions are ideal. Golden eagles may be able to carry a bit more, but even most of the sizeable eagles in the world will not be able to fly with more than 10 or 12 pounds at a given time.

Will eagles eat cats?

Large birds of prey, like hawks, falcons, and eagles, survive by hunting small mammals. Eagles most often hunt woodland animals, like mice and rabbits. Eagles also hunt slightly larger animals such as cats and even small dogs. 

There are occasional news reports of eagles picking up small pets while outside, like Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and small cats. It is recommended if your pet will be outside to have it on a leash or only out with you by its side. 

What will an Eagle feed on?

Bald eagles will eat almost anything they can carry away. They mostly go after fish, snakes, mice, rabbits, and squirrels.

What is the most aggressive Eagle type?

The most aggressive eagle is the American harpy eagle or Brazilian harpy eagle. This eagle group is the strongest found and largest species found globally.

Handy Hint: You might agree, that all eagles look mad and angry, but that’s just a quirk of their genetics and evolution.

What animals are eagles afraid of?

Some animals, such as squirrels, raccoons, ravens, and great horned owls, will attack nests and feed on eggs or nestlings. Another possible threat to bald eagles is parasites, such as bow flies, which can infect an eagle’s nest and weaken or even kill a young eagle.


You may be wondering if there is a chance that your beloved goat will get snatched away by an eagle. Well, maybe a small baby goat might get picked up by an eagle, but the eagle might only be able to hold it for a short distance before dropping it.

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